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2002Blood glutathione disulfide: in vivo factor or in vitro artifact?Rossi, Ranieri ; Milzani, A.; DALLE DONNE, I.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Lusini, L.; Colombo, R.; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
2001Different metabolizing ability of thiol reactants in human and rat blood: biochemical and pharmacological implications.Rossi, Ranieri ; Milzani, A.; DALLE DONNE, I.; Giannerini, F.; Giustarini, D; Lusini, L.; Colombo, R.; CHERUBINI DI SIMPLICIO, PaoloNot applicable
1998Fast-reacting thiols in rat hemoglobins can intercept damaging species in erythrocytes more efficiently than glutathioneRossi, Ranieri ; Barra, D.; Bellelli, A.; Boumis, G.; Canofeni, S; CHERUBINI DI SIMPLICIO, Paolo; Lusini, L.; Pascarella, S.; Amiconi, G.Not applicable
2002In vitro study of methyl-mercury in blood of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).Ancora, Stefania; Rossi, Ranieri ; Di Simplicio, P.; Lusini, L.; Leonzio, ClaudioNot applicable
1997A method to study kinetics of transnitrosation with nitrosoglutathione: reactions with hemoglobin and other thiols.Rossi, Ranieri ; Lusini, L.; Giannerini, F.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Lungarella, Giuseppe; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
2000Minor thiols cysteine and cysteinylglycine regulate the competition between glutathione and protein SH groups in human platelets subjected to oxidative stress.Giustarini, Daniela ; Campoccia, G.; Fanetti, G.; Rossi, Ranieri ; Giannerini, F.; Lusini, L.; CHERUBINI DI SIMPLICIO, PaoloNot applicable
1999Preferential transport of glutathione versus glutathione disulfide in rat liver microsomal vesicles.Banhegyi, G.; Lusini, L.; Puskas, F.; Rossi, Ranieri ; Fulceri, Rosella; Braun, L.; Mile, V.; CHERUBINI DI SIMPLICIO, P.; Mandl, J.; Benedetti, AngioloNot applicable
2002The pro-oxidant role of protein SH groups of haemoglobin in rat erythrocytes exposed to menadione.Lusini, L.; Rossi, Ranieri ; Giustarini, Daniela ; Di Simplicio, P.Not applicable
2001Responses of thiols to an oxidant challenge: differences between blood and tissues in the rat.Giannerini, F.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Lusini, L.; Rossi, Ranieri ; Di Simplicio, P.Not applicable
1998The role of cysteine in the regulation of blood glutathione-protein mixed disulfides in rats treated with diamide.Di Simplicio, P.; Giannerini, F.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Lusini, L.; Rossi, Ranieri Not applicable
1998Role of protein –SH groups in redox homeostasis-The erythrocyte as a model system.Di Simplicio, P.; Cacace, M. G.; Lusini, L.; Giannerini, F.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Rossi, Ranieri Not applicable