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2015Impact of SDS surfactant on the interactions of Cu(2+) ions with the amyloidogenic region of human prion proteinHecel, Aleksandra; Migliorini, Caterina; Valensin, Daniela ; Luczkowski, Marek; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2015Metal ion mediated transition from random coil to β-sheet and aggregation of Bri2-23, a natural inhibitor of Aβ aggregationLuczkowski, Marek; DE RICCO, RICCARDO; Stachura, Monika; Potocki, Slawomir; Hemmingsen, Lars; Valensin, Daniela Not applicable
2016Specific binding modes of Cu(I) and Ag(I) with neurotoxic domain of the human prion proteinValensin, Daniela ; Padula, Emilia Maria; Hecel, Aleksandra; Luczkowski, Marek; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable