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2016Coordination and redox properties of copper interaction with α-synucleinValensin, Daniela ; Dell'Acqua, Simone; Kozlowski, Henryk; Casella, LuigiNot applicable
2016DOES hemopressin bind metal ions in vivo?Remelli, Maurizio; Ceciliato, Carlo; Guerrini, Remo; Kolkowska, PAULINA KRYSTYNA; Krzywoszynska, Karolina; Salvadori, Severo; Valensin, Daniela ; Watly, Joanna; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2017The effect of a membrane-mimicking environment on the interactions of Cu2+ with an amyloidogenic fragment of chicken prion proteinHecel, Aleksandra; Draghi, Sara ; Valensin, Daniela ; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2013The extracellular loop of IRT1 ZIP protein--the chosen one for zinc?Potocki, Slawomir; Valensin, Daniela ; Camponeschi, Francesca; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2015Impact of SDS surfactant on the interactions of Cu(2+) ions with the amyloidogenic region of human prion proteinHecel, Aleksandra; Migliorini, Caterina; Valensin, Daniela ; Luczkowski, Marek; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2014NMR investigations of metal interactions with unstructured soluble protein domainsDE RICCO, Riccardo; Potocki, Slawomir; Kozlowski, Henryk; Valensin, Daniela Not applicable
2016Specific binding modes of Cu(I) and Ag(I) with neurotoxic domain of the human prion proteinValensin, Daniela ; Padula, Emilia Maria; Hecel, Aleksandra; Luczkowski, Marek; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2013Specific metal ion binding sites in unstructured regions of proteinsKozlowski, Henryk; Potocki, Slawomir; Remelli, Maurizio; Rowinska Zyrek, Magdalena; Valensin, Daniela Not applicable
2014The specificity of interaction of Zn(2+), Ni(2+) and Cu(2+) ions with the histidine-rich domain of the TjZNT1 ZIP family transporterPotocki, Slawomir; Valensin, Daniela ; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable
2013The zinc-binding fragment of HypA from Helicobacter pylori: a tempting site also for nickel ionsRowinska Zyrek, Magdalena; Potocki, Slawomir; Witkowska, Danuta; Valensin, Daniela ; Kozlowski, HenrykNot applicable