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2013Assessment of Density Functional Theory for Describing the Correlation Effects on the Ground and Excited State Potential Energy Surfaces of a Retinal Chromophore ModelMiquel Huix, Rotllant; Michael, Filatov; Samer, Gozem; Igor, Schapiro; Olivucci, Massimo ; Nicolas, FerréNot applicable
2014A Conical Intersection Controls the Deactivation of the Bacterial Luciferase FluorophoreSamer, Gozem; Ekaterina, Mirzakulova; Igor, Schapiro; Melaccio, Federico; Ksenija D., Glusac; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2012Dynamic Electron Correlation Effects on the Ground State Potential Energy Surface of a Retinal Chromophore ModelSamer, Gozem; Mark, Huntress; Igor, Schapiro; Roland, Lindh; Alexander A., Granovsky; Celestino, Angeli; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2014Initial Excited-State Dynamics of anN-Alkylated Indanylidene–Pyrroline (NAIP) Rhodopsin AnalogIgor, Schapiro; Fusi, Stefania ; Olivucci, Massimo ; Tadeusz, Andruniów; Swaroop, Sasidharanpillai; Glen R., LoppnowNot applicable
2010Matrix isolation and computational studies of the CF2I radicalPatrick Z., El Khoury; Lisa, George; Aimable, Kalume; Igor, Schapiro; Olivucci, Massimo ; Alexander N., Tarnovsky; Scott A., ReidNot applicable
2012The Molecular Mechanism of Dark Noise in Rod PhotoreceptorsSamer, Gozem; Igor, Schapiro; Nicolas, Ferré; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2013Probing Vibrationally Mediated Ultrafast Excited-State Reaction Dynamics with Multireference (CASPT2) TrajectoriesPatrick Z., El Khoury; Saju, Joseph; Igor, Schapiro; Samer, Gozem; Olivucci, Massimo ; Alexander N., TarnovskyNot applicable
2009Structure of the Photochemical Reaction Path Populated via Promotion of CF2I2into Its First Excited StatePatrick Z., El Khoury; Alexander N., Tarnovsky; Igor, Schapiro; Mikhail N., Ryazantsev; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2013Toward an Understanding of the Retinal Chromophore in Rhodopsin MimicsMark M., Huntress; Samer, Gozem; Konstantin R., Malley; Askat E., Jailaubekov; Chrysoula, Vasileiou; Mikas, Vengris; James H., Geiger; Babak, Borhan; Igor, Schapiro; Delmar S., Larsen; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable