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2008CuII binding sites located at His-96 and His-111 of the human prion protein: thermodynamic and spectroscopic studies on model peptidesGralka, E; Valensin, Daniela ; Porciatti, E; Gajda, C; Gaggelli, Elena ; Valensin, Gianni ; Kamysz, W; Nadolny, R; Guerrini, R; Bacco, D; Remelli, M; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2011Protein-protein interface-binding peptides inhibit the cancer therapy target human thymidylate synthase.Cardinale, D; Guaitoli, G; Tondi, D; Luciani, R; Henrich, S; SALO AHEN O., M; Ferrari, S; Marverti, G; Guerrieri, D; Ligabue, A; Frassineti, C; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Mangani, Stefano ; Fessas, D; Guerrini, R; Ponterini, G; WADE R., C; Costi, M. P.Not applicable