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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2015Assessment of Approximate Coupled-Cluster and Algebraic-Diagrammatic-Construction Methods for Ground- and Excited-State Reaction Paths and the Conical-Intersection Seam of a Retinal-Chromophore ModelTuna, Deniz; Lefrancois, Daniel; Wolański, Łukasz; Gozem, Samer; Schapiro, Igor; Andruniów, Tadeusz; Dreuw, Andreas; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2020Excited-State Vibronic Dynamics of Bacteriorhodopsin from Two-Dimensional Electronic Photon Echo Spectroscopy and Multiconfigurational Quantum ChemistryGozem, Samer; Johnson, Philip J M; Halpin, Alexei; Luk, Hoi Ling; Morizumi, Takefumi; Prokhorenko, Valentyn I; Ernst, Oliver P; Olivucci, Massimo ; Miller, R J DwayneNot applicable
2015Molecular bases for the selection of the chromophore of animal rhodopsinsLuk, Hoi Ling; Melaccio, Federico; Rinaldi, Silvia; Gozem, Samer; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2016Probing the Photodynamics of Rhodopsins with Reduced Retinal ChromophoresManathunga, Madushanka; Yang, Xuchun; Luk, Hoi Ling; Gozem, Samer; Frutos, Luis Manuel; Valentini, Alessio; Ferrè, Nicolas; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2015Quantum Monte Carlo Treatment of the Charge Transfer and Diradical Electronic Character in a Retinal Chromophore Minimal ModelZen, Andrea; Coccia, Emanuele; Gozem, Samer; Olivucci, Massimo ; Guidoni, LeonardoNot applicable
2017Theory and Simulation of the Ultrafast Double-Bond Isomerization of Biological ChromophoresGozem, Samer; Luk, Hoi Ling; Schapiro, Igor; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable