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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2020Cigarette smoke and glutathione: Focus on in vitro cell modelsDalle-Donne, I.; Garavaglia, M. L.; Colombo, G.; Astori, E.; Lionetti, M. C.; La Porta, C. A. M.; Santucci, Annalisa ; Rossi, Ranieri ; Giustarini, Daniela ; Milzani, A.Not applicable
2020Plasma protein carbonyls as biomarkers of oxidative stress in chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and transplantationColombo, G.; Reggiani, F.; Angelini, C.; Finazzi, S.; Astori, E.; Garavaglia, M. L.; Landoni, L.; Portinaro, N. M.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Rossi, Ranieri ; Santucci, Annalisa ; Milzani, A.; Badalamenti, S.; Dalle-Donne, I.Not applicable
2017Thiol oxidation and di-tyrosine formation in human plasma proteins induced by inflammatory concentrations of hypochlorous acidColombo, G.; Clerici, M.; Altomare, A.; Rusconi, F.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Portinaro, N.; Garavaglia, M. L.; Rossi, Ranieri ; Dalle-Donne, I.; Milzani, A.Not applicable