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2009Antimicrobial activity against Helicobacter pylori strains and antioxidant properties of blackberry leaves (Rubus ulmifolius) and isolated compoundsMartini, Silvia; D'Addario, C.; Colacevich, Andrea; Focardi, Silvia; Borghini, Francesca; Santucci, Annalisa ; Figura, Natale; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2009A combinated approach to investigate the biochemistry and hydrography of a shallow bay in the South Adriatic Sea: The Gulf of Manfredonia (Italy)Focardi, Silvia; A., Specchiulli; F., Spagnoli; F., Fiesoletti; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2007The optical qualities of shallow wetland lined bays in Lake VictoriaL., Bracchini; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; A., Tognazzi; Rossi, Claudio ; Focardi, Silvia; A., Cozar; C., RossiNot applicable
2005Penetration of solar radiation into waters of Messina Strait (Italy)Dattilo, A. M.; Decembrini, F.; Bracchini, L.; Focardi, Silvia; Mazzuoli, S.; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2007'Perceived benefits of littoral wetlands in Uganda: a focus on the Nabugabo wetlandsS., Bikangaga; Picchi, MARIA PIA; Focardi, Silvia; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2008Satellite-based indices in the analysis of land cover for municipalities in the province of Siena, ItalyFocardi, Silvia; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; S., Mazzuoli; L., Bracchini; Rossi, Claudio ; C., RossiNot applicable
2005Spatial and temporal characterisations of dissolved humic substances in freshwater lakeMazzuoli, S.; Focardi, Silvia; Bracchini, L.; Falcucci, M.; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2006ToF-SIMS and PCA studies of Seggianese olives and olive oilFocardi, Silvia; S., Ristori; S., Mazzuoli; A., Tognazzi; D., LEACH SCAMPAVIA; D. G., Castner; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable