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2014Salinity stress constrains photosynthesis in Fraxinus ornus more when growing in partial shading than in full sunlight: consequences for the antioxidant defence systemFini, A.; Guidi, L.; Giordano, C.; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; Ferrini, F.; Brunetti, C.; Calamai, L.; Tattini, M.Not applicable
1987Synthesis and thermodynamic studies on the protonation of a new polymeric amino diacid.Fini, A.; Casolaro, Mario ; NoCentini, Marisanna ; Barbucci, R.; Laus, M.Not applicable
1988Thermodynamic and spectroscopic studies on the protonation and Cu(II) complex formation of a synthetic amino diacid: (3-aminopropyl)malonic acidBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; NoCentini, Marisanna ; Amodeo, P.; DAL MASO, G.; Fini, A.Not applicable
1990The thermodynamics of protonation and copper(II) complex formation of a-aminomalonic acidBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; Fini, A.Not applicable