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1986Acid-base and metal ion complex formation properties of polymers containing amino-acids residuesBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; NoCentini, Marisanna ; Corezzi, S.; Ferruti, P.; Barone, V.Not applicable
1993Amido-thioether polymers containing pendant carboxylato groups: thermodynamics of protonation and copper(II) complex formation in dilute aqueous solutionCasolaro, Mario ; Ranucci, E.; Bignotti, F.; Ferruti, P.Not applicable
2000Amphoteric linear poly(amido-amine)s as endosomolytic polymers: correlation between physico-chemical and biological propertiesFerruti, P.; Manzoni, S.; Richardson, S.; Duncan, R.; Pattrick, N.; Mendichi, R.; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1997Amphoteric poly(amido-amine) polymers containing the N,N'-ethylenediaminediacetic acid moiety: stability of copper(II) and calcium(II) chelatesCasolaro, Mario ; Bignotti, F.; Ferruti, P.Not applicable
1991New polymeric acids containing potentially hydrolyzable bondsRanucci, E.; Bignotti, F.; Ferruti, P.; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
2001Poly(amido-amine)-mediated intracytoplasmic delivery of ricin A-chain and geloninCasolaro, Mario ; Duncan, R.; Ferruti, P.; Pattrick, N.; Richardson, S.Not applicable
2000Poly(amido-amine)s with novel molecular architecture: synthesis and thermodynamic studies of protonation and metal (Zn, Cu) ion complexesCasolaro, Mario ; Ferruti, P.; Vitaliti, S.Not applicable
1986Spectroscopic and calorimetric studies of the complexing ability of some polyamido polymers containing amino-acid residuesBarbucci, R.; Campbell, M.; Casolaro, Mario ; NoCentini, Marisanna ; Reginato, G.; Ferruti, P.Not applicable
1998Stability of metal complexes with basic polymers in the free, cross-linked and silica-grafted formsCasolaro, Mario ; Bignotti, F.; Sartore, L.; Penco, M.; Ferruti, P.Not applicable
2005Synthesis, acid-base properties and preliminary cell compatibility evaluation of amphoteric poly(amido-hydrazine)sMalgesini, B.; Ferruti, P.; Manfredi, A.; Casolaro, Mario ; Chiellini, F.Not applicable
1992Thermal characterization of macromolecular metal complexes of Mo(VI) as oxidation heterogeneous catalystsFerruti, P.; Ranucci, E.; Tempesti, E.; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1989Vinyl polymers containing amido and carboxylic groups as side substituents. I. Synthesis of N-acryloyl-glycine and N-acryloyl-6-caproic acid and their grafting on cellulose membranesBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; Ferruti, P.; Magnani, Agnese ; Roncolini, C.Not applicable