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20093D QSAR models built on structure-based alignments of Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitors.Falchi, F; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Carraro, Fabio; Naldini, Antonella; Maga, G; Crespan, E; Schenone, S; Bruno, O; Brullo, C; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2011Computational techniques are valuable tools for the discovery of protein-protein interaction inhibitors: the 14-3-3s caseCorradi, V; Mancini, M; SANTUCCI M., A; Carlomagno, T; Sanfelice, D; Mori, M; Vignaroli, Giulia; Falchi, F; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Botta, Maurizio ; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2011Computational techniques are valuable tools for the identification of protein-protein interaction inhibitors: the 14-3-3σ caseCorradi, V; Mancini, M; Santucci, Ma; Carlomagno, T; Sanfelice, D; Mori, Mattia ; Vignaroli, G; Falchi, F; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Radi, M; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2010Design and synthesis of Thiadiazoles and Thiazoles targeting the Bcr-Abl T315I mutant: from docking false positives to ATP-noncompetitive inhibitorsBotta, Maurizio ; Crespan, E; Falchi, F; Bernardo, V; Zanoli, S; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Schenone, S; Maga, G; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2008Discovery and SAR of 1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives as potent Abl tyrosine kinase inhibitors and cytodifferentiating agentsBotta, Maurizio ; Crespan, E; Botta, G; Falchi, F; Maga, G; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Corradi, V; Mancini, M; SANTUCCI M., A; Schenone, S; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2011N-[2-Methyl-5-(triazol-1-yl)phenyl]pyrimidin-2-amine as a scaffold for the synthesis of inhibitors of Bcr-Abl.Arioli, F; Borrelli, S; Colombo, F; Falchi, F; Filippi, Irene; Crespan, E; Naldini, Antonella; Scalia, Giusy; Silvani, A; Maga, G; Carraro, Fabio; Botta, Maurizio ; Passarella, D.Not applicable
2008Pharmacophore modeling and molecular docking led to the discovery of inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus-1 replication targeting the human cellular aspartic acid-glutamic acid-alanine-aspartic acid box polypeptide 3.Maga, G; Falchi, F; Garbelli, A; Belfiore, A; Witvrouw, M; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2011Targeting the human DEAD-box polypeptide 3 (DDX3) RNA helicase as a novel strategy to inhibit viral replication.Garbelli, A; Botta, Maurizio ; Falchi, F; Beermann, S; Zanoli, S; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Dietrich, U; Botta, M; Maga, G.Not applicable
2011Toward the Discovery of Novel Anti-HIV Drugs. Second Generation Inhibitors of the Cellular ATPase DDX3 with Improved Anti-HIV Activity: Synthesis, Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis, Cytotoxicity Studies, and Target Validation.Maga, G; Falchi, F; Botta, Maurizio ; Botta, L; Casaluce, G; Bernardini, M; Irannejad, H; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Garbelli, A; Samuele, A; Zanoli, S; ESTÈ J., A; Gonzales, E; Zucca, E; Paolucci, S; Baldanti, F; DE RIJCK, J; Debyser, Z; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable