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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2006An approach to the stereo-controlled synthesis of polycyclic derivatives of L-4-thiazolidinecarboxilic acid active against HIV-1 integraseF., Aiello; Brizzi, Antonella ; O., DE GRAZIA; A., Garofalo; F., Grande; M. S., Sinicropi; R., Dayam; N., NeamatiNot applicable
2006Synthesis and antitumor activities of a series of novel quinoxalinhydrazidesF., Grande; F., Aiello; O., DE GRAZIA; Brizzi, Antonella ; A., Garofalo; N., NeamatiNot applicable
2009Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 1,3-Indandione Derivatives as Acetylcholineterase InhibitorsA., Caruso; A., Garofalo; F., Grande; F., Aiello; Anzini, Maurizio ; F., Ortuso; S., Alcaro; A., Panno; C., Saturnino; M. S., SinicropiNot applicable