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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
19941,3-diastereocontrol With Bromoallenes - Synthesis of Enantiomerically Pure Beta-branched Alpha-amino-acidsF., Daniello; A., Mann; Taddei, Maurizio ; C. G., WermuthNot applicable
19961,3-stereocontrol with bromoallenes. Synthesis of N-Boc-ADDA, the unique amino acid present in several inhibitors of serine/threonine phosphatasesF., Daniello; A., Mann; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
19932-(chloromethyl)-2-(trimethylsilyl)-1-propene - A Convenient Reagent For the Synthesis of Methylenetetrahydrofurans and MethylenebutyrolactonesF., Daniello; D., Mattii; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
1992A Convenient Approach To Hydroxyethylene Dipeptide Isosteres Using Allylsilane ChemistryF., Daniello; S., Gehanne; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
1996Stereocontrolled synthesis of gamma-branched amino acids. TiCl4 mediated addition of (E)-crotylsilane to N,O-protected serine aldehydeF., Daniello; M., Falorni; A., Mann; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
1997Stereoconvergent synthesis of (2S,3S,8S,9S,4E,6E)-N-Boc-ADDA starting from (S)-serine and (S)-phenyllactic acidF., Daniello; A., Mann; A., Schoenfelder; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
1994Stereoselective Ene Reaction of Allylsilanes With Amino Aldehydes - An Application To the Synthesis of Potential Hiv-1 Protease InhibitorsF., Daniello; A., Mann; D., Mattii; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
1992A Stereoselective Method For the Preparation of Hiv-1 Protease Inhibitors Based On the Lewis Acid Mediated Reaction of Allylsilanes and N-boc-alpha-amino AldehydesF., Daniello; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
1996Stereospecific substitution of silylated bromoallenes with organocopper reagentsF., Daniello; A., Schoenfelder; A., Mann; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable