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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2016Biogenic halocarbons from the Peruvian upwelling region as tropospheric halogen sourceHepach, H.; Quack, B.; Tegtmeier, S.; Engel, A.; Bracher, A.; Fuhlbrugge, S.; Galgani, L.; Atlas, E. L.; Lampel, J.; Friess, U.; Kruger, K.Not applicable
2016Changes in optical characteristics of surface microlayers hint to photochemically and microbially mediated DOM turnover in the upwelling region off the coast of PeruGalgani, L.; Engel, A.Not applicable
2014Effects of ocean acidification on the biogenic composition of the sea-surface microlayer: Results from a mesocosm studyGalgani, L.; Stolle, C.; Endres, S.; Schulz, K. G.; Engel, A.Not applicable
2020The Milan Campaign: Studying diel light effects on the air–sea interfaceStolle, C.; Ribas-Ribas, M.; Badewien, T. H.; Barnes, J.; Carpenter, L. J.; Chance, R.; Damgaard, L. R.; Quesada, A. M. D.; Engel, A.; Frka, S.; Galgani, L.; Gasparovic, B.; Gerriets, M.; Mustaffa, N. I. H.; Herrmann, H.; Kallajoki, L.; Pereira, R.; Radach, F.; Revsbech, N. P.; Rickard, P.; Saint, A.; Salter, M.; Striebel, M.; Triesch, N.; Uher, G.; Upstill-Goddard, R. C.; van Pinxteren, M.; Zancker, B.; Zieger, P.; Wurl, O.Not applicable
2017The ocean's vital skin: Toward an integrated understanding of the sea surface microlayerEngel, A.; Bange, H. W.; Cunliffe, M.; Burrows, S. M.; Friedrichs, G.; Galgani, L.; Herrmann, H.; Hertkorn, N.; Johnson, M.; Liss, P. S.; Quinn, P. K.; Schartau, M.; Soloviev, A.; Stolle, C.; Upstill-Goddard, R. C.; van Pinxteren, M.; Zancker, B.Not applicable
2016The organic sea-surface microlayer in the upwelling region off the coast of Peru and potential implications for air-sea exchange processesEngel, A.; Galgani, L.Not applicable
2014Stimulated bacterial growth under elevated pCO2: Results from an off-shore mesocosm study (PLoS ONE (2014) 9, 6 (e99228) DOI:10.1371/journal. pone.0099228)Endres, S.; Galgani, L.; Riebesell, U.; Schulz, K. -G.; Engel, A.Not applicable