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20132-Aryl- and 2-amido-benzothiazoles as multifunctional vasodilators on rat artery preparationsFusi, Fabio ; Durante, Miriam; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Cuong, N. M.; Dung, P. T. P.; Nam, N. H.Not applicable
2016Functional, electrophysiological and molecular docking analysis of the modulation of Cav 1.2 channels in rat vascular myocytes by murrayafoline ASaponara, Simona; Durante, Miriam; Spiga, Ottavia ; Mugnai, Paolo; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Huong, T. T; Khanh, P. N; Son, N. T; Cuong, N. M; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable
2016In vitro and in silico analysis of the vascular effects of asymmetrical N,N-bis(alkanol)amine aryl esters, novel multidrug resistance-reverting agentsFusi, Fabio ; Durante, Miriam; Spiga, Ottavia ; Trezza, Alfonso ; Frosini, Maria; Floriddia, E.; Teodori, Elisabetta; Dei, Silvia; Saponara, SimonaNot applicable
2017In vitro vascular toxicity of tariquidar, a potential tool for in vivo PET studiesDurante, Miriam; Frosini, Maria; Fusi, Fabio ; Neri, Annalisa; Sticozzi, Claudia; Saponara, SimonaNot applicable
2014L-type Ca2+ channel current characteristics are preserved in rat tail artery myocytes after one-day storageMugnai, Paolo; Durante, Miriam; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Saponara, Simona; Paliuri, G.; Bova, S.; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable
2017MC225, a novel probe for P-glycoprotein PET Imaging at the blood-brain barrier: in vitro cardiovascular safety evaluationFusi, Fabio ; Durante, Miriam; Gorelli, Beatrice; Perrone, Maria Grazia; Colabufo, Nicola Antonio; Saponara, SimonaNot applicable
2013Quercetin mitochondriotropic derivatives antagonize nitrate tolerance and endothelial dysfunction of isolated rat aorta ringsDurante, Miriam; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Biasutto, L.; Mattarei, A.; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable
2014Vascular L-type Ca2+ channel blocking activity of sulphur-containing indole alkaloids from Glycosmis petelotiiCuong, N. M.; Khanh, P. N.; Huyen, P. T.; Duc, H. V.; Huong, T. T.; Ha, V. T.; Durante, Miriam; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable
2016The vasodilator papaverine stimulates L-type Ca(2+) current in rat tail artery myocytes via a PKA-dependent mechanismFusi, Fabio ; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Durante, Miriam; Sgaragli, Giampietro; Saponara, SimonaNot applicable
2014Vasorelaxing activity of two coumarins from Murraya paniculata leavesCuong, N. M.; Khanh, P. N.; Duc, H. V.; Huong, T. T.; Tai, B. H.; Binh, N. Q.; Durante, Miriam; Fusi, Fabio Not applicable