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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2002Blood glutathione disulfide: in vivo factor or in vitro artifact?Rossi, Ranieri ; Milzani, A.; DALLE DONNE, I.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Lusini, L.; Colombo, R.; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
1997A method to study kinetics of transnitrosation with nitrosoglutathione: reactions with hemoglobin and other thiols.Rossi, Ranieri ; Lusini, L.; Giannerini, F.; Giustarini, Daniela ; Lungarella, Giuseppe; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
2001Physiological levels of S-nitrosothiols in human plasmaRossi, Ranieri ; Giustarini, D; Milzani, A; Colombo, R; DALLE DONNE, I; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
2007Protein-thiol substitution or protein dethiolation by thiol/disulfide exchange reactions: the albumin model.Summa, D; Spiga, Ottavia ; Bernini, A; Venditti, V; Priora, R; Frosali, S; Margaritis, A; DI GIUSEPPE, D; Niccolai, Neri ; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
2000S-NO-actin: S-nitrosylation kinetics and the effect on isolated vascular smooth muscleDALLE DONNE, I.; Milzani, A.; Giustarini, D; DI SIMPLICIO, P.; Colombo, R.; Rossi, Ranieri Not applicable