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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2010Diastereoselective gas-phase ion/molecule reactions of ethanolamine neurotransmitter/amido[4]resorcinarene adductsSperanza, M; D'Acquarica, I; Fraschetti, C; Botta, B; Tafi, Andrea ; Bellucci, L; Zappia, G.Not applicable
2006Gas-phase enantioselectivity of chiral amido[4]resorcinarene receptorsBotta, B; Caporuscio, F; D'Acquarica, I; Delle Monache, G; Subissati, D; Tafi, Andrea ; Botta, Maurizio ; Filippi, A; Speranza, M.Not applicable
2011N-Linked Peptidoresorc[4]arene-Based Receptors as Noncompetitive Inhibitors for alpha-ChymotrypsinD'Acquarica, I; Cerreto, A; Delle Monache, G; Subrizi, F; Boffi, A; Tafi, Andrea ; Forli, S; Botta, B.Not applicable
2016Occurrence of Enantioselectivity in Nature: The Case of (S)-NorcoclaurineGhirga, F; Quaglio, D; Ghirga, P; Berardozzi, S; Zappia, G; Botta, B; Mori, M; D'Acquarica, INot applicable