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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2007Fibrinogen-Catecholamine Interaction as Observed by NMR and Fourier Transform Infrared SpectroscopyMartini, S; Consumi, M; Bonechi, Claudia ; Rossi, Claudio ; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable
2010Increasing photostability and water-solubility of carotenoids: synthesis and characterization of β-carotene-humic acid complexesMartini, S; D'Addario, C; Bonechi, Claudia ; Leone, Gemma ; Tognazzi, A; Consumi, M; Magnani, Agnese ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2010PVA/STMP based hydrogels as potential substitutes of human vitreousLeone, Gemma ; Consumi, M; Aggravi, M; Donati, Alessandro ; Lamponi, Stefania ; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable