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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2015Exploring the link between scavenger receptor B1 expression and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease pathogenesisVALACCHI, GIUSEPPE; MAIOLI, EMANUELA; STICOZZI, CLAUDIA; Cervellati, Franco; PECORELLI, ALESSANDRA; Cervellati, Carlo; Hayek, JoussefNot applicable
2016Proteomic analysis of 4-hydroxynonenal and nitrotyrosine modified proteins in RTT fibroblastsPECORELLI, ALESSANDRA; Cervellati, Carlo; CORTELAZZO, ALESSIO; CERVELLATI, FRANCO; STICOZZI, CLAUDIA; Mirasole, Cristiana; GUERRANTI, ROBERTO; Trentini, Alessandro; Zolla, Lello; SAVELLI, VINNO; Hayek, Joussef; VALACCHI, GIUSEPPENot applicable
2017SRB1 as a new redox target of cigarette smoke in human sebocytesCrivellari, Ilaria; Sticozzi, Claudia; Belmonte, Giuseppe; Muresan, Ximena M.; Cervellati, Franco; Pecorelli, Alessandra; Cavicchio, Carlotta; Maioli, Emanuela; Zouboulis, Christos C.; Benedusi, Mascia; Cervellati, Carlo; Valacchi, GiuseppeNot applicable
2018Tropospheric ozone affects SRB1 levels via oxidative post-translational modifications in lung cellsSticozzi, Claudia; Pecorelli, Alessandra; Romani, Arianna; Belmonte, Giuseppe; Cervellati, Franco; Maioli, Emanuela; Lila, Mary Ann; Cervellati, Carlo; Valacchi, GiuseppeNot applicable