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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2019Evaluation of in vitro cell and blood compatibility and in vivo analgesic activity of plant-derived dietary supplementsLamponi, Stefania ; Aloisi, ANNA MARIA; Bonechi, Claudia ; Consumi, Marco ; Donati, Alessandro ; Leone, Gemma ; Rossi, Claudio ; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Ghiandai, Luana; Ferrini, Ersilia; Fiorenzani, Paolo; Ceccarelli, Ilaria; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable
2014In vitro and in vivo characterization of the new analgesic combination Beta-caryophyllene and docosahexaenoic AcidFiorenzani, Paolo; Lamponi, Stefania ; Magnani, Agnese ; Ceccarelli, Ilaria; Aloisi, ANNA MARIANot applicable
2000The role of psychological stress in platelet adhesion to polymeric materialsScaramuzzino, A; Ceccarelli, Ilaria; Lamponi, Stefania ; Barbucci, Rolando; Aloisi, ANNA MARIANot applicable