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1999Magnetic and redox properties in hydroxo- and alkoxo-bridged Fe(III) binuclear complexes: A density functional studyCaneschi, A.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Kloo, L.; Zanello, PieroNot applicable
2001Pressure- and temperature-induced valence tautomeric interconversion in a o-dioxolene adduct of a cobalt-tetraazamacrocycle complexCaneschi, A.; Dei, A.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Gutlich, P.; Ksenofontov, V.; Levchenko, G.; Hoefer, A.; Renz, F.Not applicable
1999Single-molecule magnet behavior of a tetranuclear iron(III) complex. The origin of slow magnetic relaxation in iron(III) clustersBarra, A. L.; Caneschi, A.; Cornia, A.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Gatteschi, D.; Sangregorio, C.; Sessoli, R.; Sorace, L.Not applicable
1996Structure and magnetism of Nickel(II) and Manganese(II) complexes of a nytronyl nitroxide carboxylic acidSchiodt, N. C.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Caneschi, A.; Gatteschi, D.Not applicable
1997Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic characterization of four beta-diketonates-alkoxides Iron(III) dimers. Dependence of the magnetic properties on geometrical and electronic parameters.Le Gall, F.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Caneschi, A.; Cinelli, P.; Cornia, A.; Fabretti, A. C.; Gatteschi, D.Not applicable
2010X-Ray detected magnetic hysteresis of a thermally evaporated film of oriented Terbium Double-Decker Single Molecule MagnetsMargheriti, L.; Chiappe, D.; Mannini, M.; Car, P. -E.; Sainctavit, P.; Arrio, M. -A.; De Mongeot, F. B.; Cezar, J. C.; Piras, F. M.; Magnani, Agnese ; Otero, E.; Caneschi, A.; Sessoli, R.Not applicable