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2008Biochemical characterization and strong in vivo activity of a novel antimicrobial peptide specific for gram-negative bacteriaPini, Alessandro; Falciani, Chiara; Bindi, S; Iozzi, S; Brunetti, Jlenia; Bernini, Andrea ; Niccolai, Neri ; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable
2017Coupling to a cancer-selective heparan-sulfate-targeted branched peptide can by-pass breast cancer cell resistance to methotrexateDepau, Lorenzo; Brunetti, Jlenia; Falciani, Chiara; Scali, Silvia; Riolo, Giulia; Mandarini, Elisabetta; Pini, Alessandro; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable
2006Dendrimeric peptide inhibitors of anthrax lethal and edema factorsLozzi, Luisa; Pini, Alessandro; Falciani, Chiara; Lelli, Barbara; Brunetti, Jlenia; Pileri, Silvia; Fabbrini, Monica; Bernini, Andrea ; Tonello, F; Dal Molin, F; Niccolai, Neri ; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable
2012Efficacy and toxicity of the antimicrobial peptide M33 produced with different counter-ions.Pini, Alessandro; Lozzi, Luisa; Bernini, Andrea ; Brunetti, Jlenia; Falciani, Chiara; Scali, Silvia; Bindi, Stefano; DI MAGGIO, Tiziana; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Niccolai, Neri ; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable
2016Insights into the role of sulfated glycans in cancer cell adhesion and migration through use of branched peptide probeBrunetti, Jlenia; Depau, Lorenzo; Falciani, Chiara; Gentile, Mariangela; Mandarini, Elisabetta; Riolo, Giulia; Lupetti, Pietro; Pini, Alessandro; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable
2017Investigations into the killing activity of an antimicrobial peptide active against extensively antibiotic-resistant K. pneumoniae and P. aeruginosavan der Weide, Hesse*l; Brunetti, Jlenia; Pini, Alessandro; Bracci, Luisa; Ambrosini, Chiara; Lupetti, Pietro; Paccagnini, Eugenio; Gentile, Mariangela; Bernini, Andrea ; Niccolai, Neri ; Jongh, Denise Vermeulen de; Bakker Woudenberg, Irma A. J. M; Goessens, Wil H. F; Hays, John P; Falciani, ChiaraNot applicable
2020Molecular definition of the interaction between a tumor-specific tetrabranched peptide and LRP6 receptorBrunetti, Jlenia; Falciani, Chiara; Bernini, Andrea ; Scali, Silvia; Bracci, Luisa; Lozzi, Luisanot applicable
2018Near-infrared quantum dots labelled with a tumor selective tetrabranched peptide for in vivo imagingBrunetti, Jlenia; Riolo, Giulia; Gentile, Mariangela; Bernini, Andrea ; Paccagnini, Eugenio; Falciani, Chiara; Lozzi, Luisa; Scali, Silvia; Depau, Lorenzo; Pini, Alessandro; Lupetti, Pietro; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable