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2020An antimicrobial molecule mitigates signs of sepsis in vivo and eradicates infections from lung tissueQuercini, L.; Brunetti, J.; Riolo, G.; Bindi, S.; Scali, S.; Lampronti, I.; D'Aversa, E.; Wronski, S.; Pollini, S.; Gentile, M.; Lupetti, P.; Rossolini, G. M.; Falciani, C.; Bracci, L.; Pini, A.Not applicable
2020Antimicrobial peptide-loaded nanoparticles as inhalation therapy for Pseudomonas aeruginosa infectionsFalciani, C.; Zevolini, F.; Brunetti, J.; Riolo, G.; Gracia, R.; Marradi, M.; Loinaz, I.; Ziemann, C.; Cossio, U.; Llop, J.; Bracci, L.; Pini, A.Not applicable
2020Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans Can Promote Opposite Effects on Adhesion and Directional Migration of Different Cancer CellsDepau, L.; Brunetti, J.; Falciani, C.; Mandarini, E.; Riolo, G.; Zanchi, M.; Karousou, E.; Passi, A.; Pini, A.; Bracci, L.Not applicable
2019NMR study of the secondary structure and biopharmaceutical formulation of an active branched antimicrobial peptideCastiglia, F.; Zevolini, F.; Riolo, G.; Brunetti, J.; De Lazzari, A.; Moretto, A.; Manetto, G.; Fragai, M.; Algotsson, J.; Evenas, J.; Bracci, L.; Pini, A.Not applicable
2019Unraveling Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Binding Motif for Cancer Cell SelectivityBrunetti, J.; Riolo, G.; Depau, L.; Mandarini, E.; Bernini, Andrea ; Karousou, E.; Passi, A.; Pini, A.; Bracci, L.; Falciani, C.Not applicable