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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2001Conformational Analysis of the N-Arachinylethanolamide (Anandamide) using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Theoretical CalculationsBonechi, Claudia ; Brizzi, Antonella ; Brizzi, Vittorio; M., Francioli; Donati, Alessandro ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2005Design, Synthesis, and Binding Studies of New Potent Ligands of Cannabinoids ReceptorsBrizzi, Antonella ; Brizzi, Vittorio; M. G., Cascio; T., Bisogno; Sirianni, Rossella; V., DimarzoNot applicable
2007Design, synthesis, binding, and molecular modeling studies of new potent ligands of cannabinoid receptorsBrizzi, Antonella ; M. G., Cascio; Brizzi, Vittorio; T., Bisogno; Dinatolo, MARIA TERESA; A., Martinelli; T., Tuccinardi; V., DI MARZONot applicable
2008Identification and Quantification of Trans-Resveratrol in Dietary Supplements by a Rapid and Straightforward RP-HPLC MethodBrizzi, Vittorio; Danilo, Corradini; Brizzi, Antonella Not applicable
2006In vitro and in vivo pharmacology of synthetic olivetol- or resorcinol-derived cannabinoid receptor ligandsM. G., Cascio; T., Bisogno; E., Palazzo; A., Thomas; M., VAN DER STELT; Brizzi, Antonella ; V., DE NOVELLIS; I., Marabese; R., Ross; T., VAN DE DOELEN; Brizzi, Vittorio; R., Pertwee; S., Maione; V., DI MARZONot applicable
2010The Interactions of the 5-HT3 Receptor with Quipazine-Like Arylpiperazine Ligands. The Journey Track at the End of the First Decade of the Third Millennium.Cappelli, Andrea ; Butini, Stefania ; Brizzi, Antonella ; Gemma, Sandra ; Valenti, S; Giuliani, Germano ; Anzini, Maurizio ; Mennuni, L; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Brizzi, Vittorio; Vomero, SalvatoreNot applicable
2009New Resorcinol-Anandamide "Hybrids" as Potent Cannabinoid Receptor Ligands Endowed with antinociceptive activity in vivoBrizzi, Antonella ; Brizzi, Vittorio; Cascio, M. G.; Corelli, Federico ; Guida, F.; Ligresti, A.; Maione, S.; Martinelli, A; Pasquini, S.; Tuccinardi, T.; Di Marzo, V.Not applicable
2006Nuclear magnetic resonance for studying recognition processes between anandamide and cannabinoid receptorsBonechi, Claudia ; Martini, Silvia; Brizzi, Vittorio; Brizzi, Antonella ; Massarelli, Paola; Bruni, Giancarlo; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2011Resorcinol-sn-Glycerol Derivatives: Novel 2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) Mimetics Endowed with High Affinity and Selectivity for Cannabinoid Type 1 (CB1) ReceptorBrizzi, Antonella ; CASCIO M., G; Frosini, Maria; Ligresti, A; Aiello, F; Biotti, I; Brizzi, Vittorio; PERTWEE R., G; Corelli, Federico ; DI MARZO, V.Not applicable
2014Structure-affinity relationships and pharmacological characterization of new alkyl-resorcinol cannabinoid receptor ligands: Identification of a dual cannabinoid receptor/TRPA1 channel agonistBrizzi, Antonella ; Francesca, Aiello; Pietro, Marini; Maria Grazia, Cascio; Corelli, Federico ; Brizzi, Vittorio; Luciano De, Petrocellis; Alessia, Ligresti; Livio, Luongo; Lamponi, Stefania ; Sabatino, Maione; Roger G., Pertwee; Vincenzo Di, MarzoNot applicable
2005Synthesis and in vitro pharmacological activity of oxypropanol analogs of labetalolBrizzi, Antonella ; Brizzi, Vittorio; Valoti, MassimoNot applicable