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2005Morphological anomalies in pollen tubes of Actinidia Deliciosa (kiwi) exposed to 50 Hz magnetic fieldDATTILO A., M; Bracchini, L; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; Ovidi, E; Tiezzi, A; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2010Spatial and seasonal changes in optical properties of autochthonous and allochthonous chromophoric dissolved organic matter in a stratified mountain lakeBracchini, L; DATTILO A., M; Hull, V; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; Nannicini, L; Picchi, MARIA PIA; Ricci, M; Santinelli, C; Seritti, A; Tognazzi, A; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2008Temporal and spatial dynamics of inherent and apparent optical properties in a shallow coastal lake (Fogliano Lagoon, Circeo National Park)Bracchini, L; Rossi, Claudio ; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; A., Tognazzi; V., Hull; C., RossiNot applicable
2011ToF-SIMS investigation of ancient ceramics from the Quartaia Site, Tuscany (Italy)Tognazzi, A; Dattilo, Am; Bracchini, L; Aggravi, M; Benetti, F; Mugnaini, E; Magnani, Agnese ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable