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2017Cav1.2 channel current block by the PKA inhibitor H-89 in rat tail artery myocytes via a PKA-independent mechanism: Electrophysiological, functional, and molecular docking studiesFusi, Fabio ; Trezza, Alfonso ; Spiga, Ottavia ; Sgaragli, Giampietro; Bova, SergioNot applicable
2016An NBD derivative of the selective rat toxicant norbormide as a new probe for living cell imagingD'Amore, Claudio; Orso, Genny; Fusi, Fabio ; Pagano, Mario A.; Miotto, Giovanni; Forgiarini, Alessia; De Martin, Sara; Castellani, Giulia; Ribaudo, Giovanni; Rennison, David; Brimble, Margaret A.; Hopkins, Brian; Ferrarese, Alessandro; Bova, SergioNot applicable