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2012'Click' synthesis of a triazole-based inhibitor of Met functions in cancer cells.Colombo, F; Tintori, Cristina; Furlan, A; Borrelli, S; Christodoulou, Ms; Dono, R; Maina, F; Botta, Maurizio ; Amat, M; Bosch, J; Passarella, D.Not applicable
2011N-[2-Methyl-5-(triazol-1-yl)phenyl]pyrimidin-2-amine as a scaffold for the synthesis of inhibitors of Bcr-Abl.Arioli, F; Borrelli, S; Colombo, F; Falchi, F; Filippi, Irene; Crespan, E; Naldini, Antonella; Scalia, Giusy; Silvani, A; Maga, G; Carraro, Fabio; Botta, Maurizio ; Passarella, D.Not applicable
2013Probing the binding site of abl tyrosine kinase using in situ click chemistryPeruzzotti, C; Borrelli, S; Ventura, M; Pantano, R; Fumagalli, G; Christodoulou, Ms; Monticelli, D; Luzzani, M; Fallacara, Al; Tintori, Cristina; Botta, Maurizio ; Passarella, D.Not applicable