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2019Beyond the biological effect of a chemically characterized poplar propolis: Antibacterial and antiviral activity and comparison with flurbiprofen in cytokines release by LPS-stimulated human mononuclear cellsGoverna, Paolo ; Cusi, M. G.; Borgonetti, V.; Sforcin, J. M.; Terrosi, C.; Baini, G.; Miraldi, E.; Biagi, M.Not applicable
2020Copaifera langsdorffii Desf.: in vitro investigation on anti-Helicobacter pylori and anti-inflammatory activities of oleoresin and fruit methanolic extractGoverna, Paolo ; Biagi, M.Not applicable
2020Iron(III) complexing ability of new ligands based on natural γ-pyrone maltolFusi, Stefania ; Frosini, M.; Biagi, M.; Zór, K.; Rindzevicius, T.; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; De Vico, Luca ; Corsini, Maddalena Not applicable
2020Novel therapeutic approach for the management of mood disorders: In vivo and in vitro effect of a combination of l-theanine, Melissa officinalis L. and Magnolia officinalis rehder & E.H. WilsonBorgonetti, V.; Governa, Paolo ; Biagi, M.; Galeotti, N.Not applicable
2020Phaseolus vulgaris l. var. venanzio grown in Tuscany: Chemical composition and in vitro investigation of potential effects on colorectal cancerFinetti, Federica ; Biagi, M.; Ercoli, Jasmine ; Macri, G.; Miraldi, E.; Trabalzini, Lorenza Not applicable
2020Rhodiola rosea L. modulates inflammatory processes in a CRH-activated BV2 cell modelBorgonetti, V.; Governa, Paolo ; Biagi, M.; Dalia, P.; Corsi, L.Not applicable
2020Sangiovese cv pomace seeds extract-fortified kefir exerts anti-inflammatory activity in an in vitro model of intestinal epithelium using caco-2 cellsCarullo, Gabriele ; Governa, Paolo ; Spizzirri, U. G.; Biagi, M.; Sciubba, F.; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Loizzo, M. R.; Di Cocco, M. E.; Aiello, F.; Restuccia, D.Not applicable