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2004Design, Synthesis, and a1-Adrenoceptor Binding Properties of New Arylpiperazine Derivatives bearing a Flavone Nucleus as the Terminal Heterocyclic Molecular PortionBetti, L.; Floridi, M.; Giannaccini, G.; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Paparelli, C.; Strappaghetti, G.; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2006Synthesis of New Piperazine-pyridazinone Derivatives and their Binding Affinity toward alpha1-, alpha2-Adrenergic and 5-HT-1A Serotoninergic ReceptorsBetti, L.; Zanelli, M.; Giannaccini, G.; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Schenone, S.; Strappaghetti, G.Not applicable
2003α1-Adrenoceptor antagonists. 5. Pyridazinone-arylpiperazines. Probing the influence on affinity and selectivity of both ortho-Alkoxy groups at the arylpiperazine moiety and cyclic substituents at the pyridazinone nucleusBetti, L.; Floridi, M.; Giannaccini, G.; Manetti, Fabrizio ; Strappaghetti, G.; Tafi, Andrea ; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable