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2004Antioxidant activity of ferulic acid alkyl esters in a heterophasic system: a mechanistic insightAnselmi, Cecilia; Bernini, A; Buonocore, A; Centini, Marisanna ; Granata, P; MAFFEI FACINO, R; Sega, Alessandro Not applicable
2002A branched peptide mimotope of the nicotinic receptor binding site is a potent synthetic antidote against the snake neurotoxin alpha-bungarotoxinBracci, Luisa; Lozzi, Luisa; Pini, Alessandro; Lelli, B; Falciani, Chiara; Niccolai, Neri ; Bernini, A; Spreafico, A; Soldani, Patrizia ; Neri, PaoloNot applicable
2005Cross-host evolution of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in palm civet and humanSong, Hd; Tu, Cc; Zhang, Gw; Wang, Sy; Zheng, K; Lei, Lc; Chen, Qx; Gao, Yw; Zhou, Hq; Xiang, H; Zheng, Hj; Chern, Sw; Cheng, F; Pan, Cm; Xuan, H; Chen, Sj; Luo, Hm; Zhou, Dh; Liu, Yf; He, Jf; Qin, Pz; Li, Lh; Ren, Yq; Liang, Wj; Yu, Yd; Anderson, L; Wang, M; Xu, Rh; Wu, Xw; Zheng, Hy; Chen, Jd; Liang, G; Gao, Y; Liao, M; Fang, L; Jiang, Ly; Li, H; Chen, F; Di, B; He, Lj; Lin, Jy; Tong, S; Kong, X; Du, L; Hao, P; Tang, H; Bernini, A; Yu, Xj; Spiga, Ottavia ; Guo, Zm; Pan, Hy; He, Wz; Manuguerra, Jc; Fontanet, A; Danchin, A; Niccolai, Neri ; Li, Yx; Wu, Ci; Zhao, GpNot applicable
2011Hydration studies on the archaeal protein Sso7d using NMR measurements and MD simulations.Bernini, A; Spiga, Ottavia ; Consonni, R; Arosio, I; Fusi, P; Cirri, S; Guagliardi, A; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2001Mimicking the nicotinic receptor binding site by a single chain Fv selected by competitive panning from a synthetic phage libraryBracci, Luisa; Pini, Alessandro; Lozzi, Luisa; Lelli, B; Battestin, P; Spreafico, A; Bernini, A; Niccolai, Neri ; Neri, P.Not applicable
2001NMR studies of protein surface accessibility.Niccolai, Neri ; Ciutti, A; Spiga, Ottavia ; Scarselli, M; Bernini, A; Bracci, Luisa; DI MARO, D; Dalvit, C; Molinari, H; Esposito, G; Temussi, PaNot applicable
2004On the dynamics of water molecules at the protein solute interfaces.Bernini, A; Spiga, Ottavia ; Ciutti, A; Chiellini, S; Menciassi, N; Venditti, V; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2011On the mechanisms of bananin activity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirusWang, Z; Huang, Jd; Wong, Kl; Wang, Pg; Zhang, Hj; Tanner, Ja; Spiga, Ottavia ; Bernini, A; Zheng, Bj; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2004Prediction of quaternary assembly of SARS coronavirus peplomer.Bernini, A; Spiga, Ottavia ; Ciutti, A; Chiellini, S; Bracci, Luisa; Yan, X; Zheng, B; Huang, J; He, Ml; Song, Hd; Hao, P; Zhao, G; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2009Probing protein surface accessibility with solvent and paramagnetic moleculesBernini, A; Venditti, V; Spiga, Ottavia ; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable
2001Probing the surface of a sweet protein: NMR study of MNEI with a paramagnetic probe.Niccolai, Neri ; Spadaccini, R; Scarselli, M; Bernini, A; Crescenzi, O; Spiga, Ottavia ; Ciutti, A; DI MARO, D; Bracci, Luisa; Dalvit, C; Temussi, PaNot applicable
2007Protein-thiol substitution or protein dethiolation by thiol/disulfide exchange reactions: the albumin model.Summa, D; Spiga, Ottavia ; Bernini, A; Venditti, V; Priora, R; Frosali, S; Margaritis, A; DI GIUSEPPE, D; Niccolai, Neri ; DI SIMPLICIO, P.Not applicable
2003Rational design and molecular diversity for the construction of anti-alpha-bungarotoxin antidotes with high affinity and in vivo efficiencyLozzi, Luisa; Lelli, B; Runci, Y; Scali, S; Bernini, A; Falciani, Chiara; Pini, Alessandro; Niccolai, Neri ; Neri, P; Bracci, LuisaNot applicable
2006Stable peptide inhibitors prevent binding of lethal and oedema factors to protective antigen and neutralize anthrax toxin in vivoPini, A; Runci, Y; Falciani, C; Lelli, B; Brunetti, J; Pileri, S; Fabbrini, M; Lozzi, L; Ricci, C; Bernini, A; Tonello, F; DAL MOLIN, F; Neri, P; Niccolai, Neri ; Bracci, LNot applicable
2011A structurally driven analysis of thiol reactivity in mammalian albuminsSpiga, Ottavia ; Summa, D; Cirri, S; Bernini, A; Venditti, V; De Chiara, M; Priora, R; Frosali, S; Margaritis, A; Di, Giuseppe; Di Simplicio, P; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable