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2004Counterion Controlled Photoisomerization of Retinal Chromophore Models: a Computational InvestigationCembran, A.; Bernardi, F.; Olivucci, Massimo ; Garavelli, M.Not applicable
2005Fine tuning the structure of the Cu2+ complex with the prion protein chicken repeat by proline isomerizationStanczak, P.; Valensin, Daniela ; Juszczyk, P.; Grzonka, Z.; Valensin, Gianni ; Bernardi, F.; Molteni, E.; Gaggelli, Elena ; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2005Interaction of ferulic acid derivatives with human erythrocytes monitored by pulse field gradient NMR diffusion and NMR relaxation studiesAnselmi, Cecilia; Bernardi, F.; Centini, Marisanna ; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2005Interaction of the Human Prion PrP(106-126) Sequence with Copper(II), Manganese(II), and zinc (II): NMR and EPR StudiesGaggelli, Elena ; Bernardi, F.; Molteni, E.; Pogni, Rebecca ; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni ; Remelli, M.; Luczkowski, M.; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2018Itch/β-Arrestin2-dependent non-proteolytic ubiquitylation of SuFu controls Hedgehog signalling and medulloblastoma tumorigenesisInfante, P.; Faedda, R.; Bernardi, F.; Bufalieri, F.; Severini, L. L.; Alfonsi, R.; Mazza, D.; Siler, M.; Coni, S.; Po, A.; Petroni, M.; Ferretti, E.; Mori, Mattia ; De Smaele, E.; Canettieri, G.; Capalbo, C.; Maroder, M.; Screpanti, I.; Kool, M.; Pfister, S. M.; Guardavaccaro, D.; Gulino, A.; Di Marcotullio, L.Not applicable
2018Natural products inspired modulators of cancer stem cells-specific signaling pathways notch and hedgehogPalermo, R.; Ghirga, F.; Piccioni, M. G.; Bernardi, F.; Zhdanovskaya, N.; Infante, P.; Mori, Mattia Not applicable
1982A quantitative analysis of the factors controlling the structure of AH2 and AH3 moleculesBernardi, F.; Bottoni, A.; Taddei, Maurizio Not applicable
2002Reaction Path Analysis of the "Tunable" Photoisomerization Selectivity of Free and Locked Retinal Chromophores.De Vico, Luca ; Page, S. C.; Garavelli, M.; Bernardi, F.; Basosi, Riccardo ; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2005Structure, Spectroscopy, and Spectral Tuning of the Gas-Phase Retinal Chromophore: The β-Ionone "Handle" and Alkyl Group EffectCembran, A.; GONZALEZ LUQUE, R.; Alto, P.; Merchan, M.; Bernardi, F.; Olivucci, Massimo ; Garavelli, M.Not applicable
2018Synergistic inhibition of the Hedgehog pathway by newly designed Smo and Gli antagonists bearing the isoflavone scaffoldBerardozzi, S.; Bernardi, F.; Infante, P.; Ingallina, C.; Toscano, S.; De Paolis, E.; Alfonsi, R.; Caimano, M.; Botta, B.; Mori, Mattia ; Di Marcotullio, L.; Ghirga, F.Not applicable