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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
1996Density functional description of the bonding in the m3-chalcogenido hexanuclear octahedral clusters [Co6(m3-X)8(Pet3)6 ] (X=S, Se, Te)Bencini, A.; Fabrizi De Biani, Fabrizia ; Uytterhoeven, M. G.Not applicable
1995Synthesis, Characterization and Electron Structure of the Novel 'Stellated' Octahedral Cluster [Co6(m3-S)7(m3-H)(PEt3)6]+. Crystal and Molecular Structure of [Co6(m3-S)7(m3-H)(PEt3)6]0.7[Co6(m3-S)8(PEt3)6]0.3[BPh4]Cecconi, F.; Ghilardi, C. A.; Midollini, S.; Orlandini, A.; Zanello, Piero; Cinquantini, Arnaldo; Bencini, A.; Uytterhoeven, M. G.; Giorgi, Gianluca Not applicable