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199513C-NMR determination of simultaneous xylose and glucose fermentation by a newly isolated strain (G11) of Klebsiella planticolaRossi, Claudio ; Marchettini, Nadia; Donati, Alessandro ; Medaglini, Donata; Valassina, Marcello; Bastianoni, Simone; Cresta, E.Not applicable
1995Carbon relaxation analysis in proton coupled spin systemsRossi, Claudio ; Marchettini, Nadia; Bastianoni, Simone; Donati, Alessandro Not applicable
2014Comparative attributional LCA of annual and perennial ligno-cellulosic feedstocks production, under Mediterranean climate, for bio-refinery frameworkAmalia, Zucaro; Annachiara, Forte; Massimo, Fagnano; Bastianoni, Simone; Basosi, Riccardo ; Angelo, FierroNot applicable
1999Ecological modelling of waste management based on sustainability indicatorsBastianoni, Simone; Donati, Alessandro ; Marchettini, Nadia; Niccolucci, Valentina; M., Porcelli; Tiezzi, EnzoNot applicable
1996Kinetic analysis and comparison of models of xylose metabolism by Klebsiella planticolaBastianoni, Simone; Gastaldelli, A; Bonechi, Claudia ; Mocenni, Chiara; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
1999Ligand-proteins recognition studies as determined by nuclear relaxation analysisRossi, Claudio ; Bastianoni, Simone; Bonechi, Claudia ; Corbini, Gianfranco ; Corti, Piero; Donati, Alessandro Not applicable
1996Modeling interpretation of microbe metabolism monitored by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopyBastianoni, Simone; Donati, Alessandro ; A., Gastaldelli; Marchettini, Nadia; D., Renzoni; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
1998A modelling approach for the analysis of xylose-ethanol bioconversionRossi, Claudio ; Porcelli, M; Mocenni, Chiara; Marchettini, Nadia; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; Bastianoni, SimoneNot applicable
1999A modellistic view of the kinetics of metabolic processes: differences in the glucose and xylose degradation pathwayBastianoni, Simone; Donati, Alessandro ; Gastaldelli, A.; Marchettini, Nadia; Martini, S.; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2004Neotropical wetlands: new instruments in ecosystem managementLoiselle, Steven Arthur ; Bastianoni, Simone; Bracchini, Luca; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2009A new approach to study in vivo cellular metabolism using a modellistic analysis of magnetic resounance spectraGastaldelli, A.; Martini, Silvia; Donati, Alessandro ; Marchettini, Nadia; Rossi, Claudio ; Bastianoni, SimoneNot applicable
1993NMR investigation of the simultaneous fermentation of xylose and glucose by a selected strain of Klebsiella planticola (G11)Rossi, Claudio ; Lepri, A; PICCHI M., P; Bastianoni, Simone; Medaglini, Donata; Valassina, M; Cresta, E.Not applicable
2020Sustainability Assessment of Biorefinery Systems Based on Two Food Residues in AfricaPatrizi, Nicoletta; Bruno, Morena; Saladini, Fabrizio; Parisi, Maria Laura ; Pulselli, Riccardo M.; Bjerre, Anne Belinda; Bastianoni, SimoneNot applicable