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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2018Extending the Conjugation of Pechmann Lactone Thienyl Derivatives: A New Class of Small Molecules for Organic Electronics ApplicationDessi, A.; Bartolini, M.; Calamante, M.; Zani, L.; Mordini, A.; Reginato, G.Not applicable
2020Tuning the Properties of Benzothiadiazole Dyes for Efficient Visible Light-Driven Photocatalytic H2Production under Different ConditionsBartolini, M.; Gombac, V.; Sinicropi, Adalgisa ; Reginato, G.; Dessi, A.; Mordini, A.; Filippi, J.; Montini, T.; Calamante, M.; Fornasiero, P.; Zani, L.Not applicable