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2014The characterization of a novel monoclonal antibody against CD93 unveils a new antiangiogenic target.Orlandini, Maurizio ; Galvagni, Federico ; Bardelli, M; Rocchigiani, Marina; Lentucci, C; Anselmi, F; Zippo, A; Bini, Luca; Oliviero, Salvatore Not applicable
2008Morphogenesis of human endothelial cells is inhibited by DAB2 via Src.Orlandini, Maurizio ; Nucciotti, S; Galvagni, Federico ; Bardelli, M; Rocchigiani, Marina; Petraglia, Felice; Oliviero, Salvatore Not applicable
2006Vascular endothelial growth factor-D activates VEGFR-3 expressed in osteoblasts inducing their differentiationOrlandini, Maurizio ; Spreafico, A; Bardelli, M; Rocchigiani, Marina; Salameh, A; Nucciotti, S; Capperucci, C; Frediani, Bruno; Oliviero, Salvatore Not applicable