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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2010Matrix isolation and computational studies of the CF2I radicalPatrick Z., El Khoury; Lisa, George; Aimable, Kalume; Igor, Schapiro; Olivucci, Massimo ; Alexander N., Tarnovsky; Scott A., ReidNot applicable
2013Probing Vibrationally Mediated Ultrafast Excited-State Reaction Dynamics with Multireference (CASPT2) TrajectoriesPatrick Z., El Khoury; Saju, Joseph; Igor, Schapiro; Samer, Gozem; Olivucci, Massimo ; Alexander N., TarnovskyNot applicable
2009Structure of the Photochemical Reaction Path Populated via Promotion of CF2I2into Its First Excited StatePatrick Z., El Khoury; Alexander N., Tarnovsky; Igor, Schapiro; Mikhail N., Ryazantsev; Olivucci, Massimo Not applicable
2008Switching on molecular iodine elimination through isomerization: The F2C–I–I isomer of difluorodiiodomethanePatrick Z., El Khoury; Olivucci, Massimo ; Alexander N., TarnovskyNot applicable