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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2007Examining the dynamics of phytoplankton biomass in Lake Tanganyika using Empirical Orthogonal FunctionsN., Bergamino; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; A., Cozar; Rossi, Claudio ; L., Bracchini; C., RossiNot applicable
2009The optical characterization of chromophoric dissolved organic matter using the wavelength distribution of absorption spectral slopes.Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; L., Bracchini; Rossi, Claudio ; M., Ricci; A., Tognazzi; A., Cozar; C., RossiNot applicable
2007The optical qualities of shallow wetland lined bays in Lake VictoriaL., Bracchini; Loiselle, Steven Arthur ; A., Tognazzi; Rossi, Claudio ; Focardi, Silvia; A., Cozar; C., RossiNot applicable
2008Variability in factors causing light attenuation in Lake VictoriaLoiselle, Steven Arthur ; N., Azza; A., Cozar; L., Bracchini; A., Tognazzi; Dattilo, A.; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable