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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
1990Correlation Times Measurements From Tin-proton Dipolar Interactions - A H-1-nmr Spin-lattice Relaxation StudyNiccolai, Neri ; M., Rustici; A., Bonci; M., Scarselli; P., Neri; A., Brandi; A., Goti; A., Guarna; F., DesarloNot applicable
1991Nmr Delineation of Inner and Outer Protons From Paramagnetic Relaxation Perturbations In 1d and 2d Spectra of PeptidesNiccolai, Neri ; A., Bonci; M., Rustici; M., Scarselli; P., Neri; G., Esposito; P., Mascagni; A., Motta; H., MolinariNot applicable
1997NMR structural investigation of the biotin-avidin complex: A C-13 NMR paramagnetic relaxation studyM., Scarselli; A., Vasco; A., Bonci; M., Rustici; Niccolai, Neri Not applicable