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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
20193-Amino-alkylated indoles: Unexplored green products acting as anti-inflammatory agentsMazzotta, S.; Frattaruolo, L.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Ulivieri, C.; Vanni, F.; Brizzi, Antonella ; Carullo, Gabriele ; Cappello, A. R.; Aiello, F.Not applicable
2016Achmatowicz reaction and its application in the syntheses of bioactive moleculesGhosh, Arun K.; Brindisi, Margherita Not applicable
2017Activation of the Wnt pathway by small peptides: rational design, synthesis and biological evaluationBrogi, Simone; Maramai, Samuele ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Chemi, Giulia ; Porcari, Valentina; Corallo, Claudio; Gennari, Luigi; Novellino, Ettore; Ramunno, Anna; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Gemma, Sandra Not applicable
2019Allosteric Modulation of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors: An Outlook on New Therapeutic Approaches To Treat Central Nervous System DisordersBrogi, Simone; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
2018Antimalarial agents against both sexual and asexual parasites stages: structure-activity relationships and biological studies of the Malaria Box compound 1-[5-(4-bromo-2-chlorophenyl)furan-2-yl]- N -[(piperidin-4-yl)methyl]methanamine (MMV019918) and analoguesVallone, Alessandra; D'Alessandro, Sarah; Brogi, Simone; Brindisi, Margherita ; Chemi, Giulia ; Alfano, Gloria; Lamponi, Stefania ; Lee, Soon Goo; Jez, Joseph M.; Koolen, Karin J. M.; Dechering, Koen J.; Saponara, Simona; Fusi, Fabio ; Gorelli, Beatrice; Taramelli, Donatella; Parapini, Silvia; Caldelari, Reto; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
2019Autophagy modulators for the treatment of oral and esophageal squamous cell carcinomasKhan, Tuhina ; Relitti, Nicola ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Magnano, S.; Zisterer, D.; Gemma, Sandra ; Butini, Stefania ; Campiani, Giuseppe Not applicable
2019Bridged bicyclic 2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes as antiplasmodial agents: Synthesis, structure-activity relationships and studies on their biomimetic reaction with Fe(II)D'Alessandro, S.; Alfano, G.; Di Cerbo, L.; Brogi, S.; Chemi, Giulia ; Relitti, Nicola ; Brindisi, Margherita ; Lamponi, Stefania ; Novellino, E.; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Gemma, Sandra ; Basilico, N.; Taramelli, D.; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; Pogni, Rebecca ; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
2017Computational tool for fast in silico evaluation of hERG K+ channel affinityChemi, Giulia ; Gemma, Sandra ; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Brogi, Simone; Butini, Stefania ; Brindisi, Margherita Not applicable
2018The Curtius Rearrangement: Applications in Modern Drug Discovery and Medicinal ChemistryGhosh, A. K.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Sarkar, A.Not applicable
2018The Curtius rearrangement: mechanistic insight and recent applications in natural product synthesesGhosh, Arun K.; Sarkar, Anindya; Brindisi, Margherita Not applicable
2018Design and Synthesis of Highly Potent HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors Containing Tricyclic Fused Ring Systems as Novel P2 Ligands: Structure-Activity Studies, Biological and X-ray Structural AnalysisGhosh, A. K.; Nyalapatla, R. P.; Kovela, S.; Rao, K. V.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Osswald, H. L.; Amano, M.; Aoki, M.; Agniswamy, J.; Wang, Y. -F.; Weber, I. T.; Mitsuya, H.Not applicable
2018Design of Highly Potent, Dual-Acting and Central-Nervous-System-Penetrating HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors with Excellent Potency against Multidrug-Resistant HIV-1 VariantsGhosh, Arun K; Rao, Kalapala Venkateswara; Nyalapatla, Prasanth R; Kovela, Satish; Brindisi, Margherita ; Osswald, Heather L; Sekhara Reddy, Bhavanam; Agniswamy, Johnson; Wang, Yuan-Fang; Aoki, Manabu; Hattori, Shin-Ichiro; Weber, Irene T; Mitsuya, HiroakiNot applicable
2017Design of novel HIV-1 protease inhibitors incorporating isophthalamide-derived P2-P3 ligands: Synthesis, biological evaluation and X-ray structural studies of inhibitor-HIV-1 protease complexGhosh, Arun K.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Nyalapatla, Prasanth R.; Takayama, Jun; Ella-Menye, Jean-Rene; Yashchuk, Sofiya; Agniswamy, Johnson; Wang, Yuan-Fang; Aoki, Manabu; Amano, Masayuki; Weber, Irene T.; Mitsuya, HiroakiNot applicable
2008Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationship studies of 4-quinolinyl- and 9-acrydinylhydrazones as potent antimalarial agents.C., Fattorusso; Campiani, Giuseppe ; G., Kukreja; M., Persico; Butini, Stefania ; Romano, MARIA PIA; Altarelli, Maria; S., Ros; Brindisi, Margherita ; Savini, Luisa; E., Novellino; Nacci, Vito; E., Fattorusso; S., Parapini; N., Basilico; D., Taramelli; V., Yardley; S., Croft; M., Borriello; Gemma, Sandra Not applicable
2017Design, synthesis, and X-ray structural studies of BACE-1 inhibitors containing substituted 2-oxopiperazines as P1 '-P2 ' ligandsGhosh, Arun K.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Yen, Yu-Chen; Cã¡rdenas, Emilio L.; Ella-Menye, Jean-Rene; Kumaragurubaran, Nagaswamy; Huang, Xiangping; Tang, Jordan; Mesecar, Andrew D.Not applicable
2017Design, Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and X‐ray Studies of HIV‐1 Protease Inhibitors with Modified P2′ Ligands of DarunavirGhosh, Arun K.; Fyvie, W. Sean; Brindisi, Margherita ; Steffey, Melinda; Agniswamy, Johnson; Wang, Yuan-Fang; Aoki, Manabu; Amano, Masayuki; Weber, Irene T.; Mitsuya, HiroakiNot applicable
2018Design, synthesis, X-ray studies, and biological evaluation of novel BACE1 inhibitors with bicyclic isoxazoline carboxamides as the P3 ligandGhosh, A. K.; Ghosh, K.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Lendy, E. K.; Yen, Y. -C.; Kumaragurubaran, N.; Huang, X.; Tang, J.; Mesecar, A. D.Not applicable
2017Design, synthesis, X-ray studies, and biological evaluation of novel macrocyclic HIV-1 protease inhibitors involving the P1'-P2' ligandsGhosh, Arun K.; Sean Fyvie, W.; Brindisi, Margherita ; Steffey, Melinda; Agniswamy, Johnson; Wang, Yuan-Fang; Aoki, Manabu; Amano, Masayuki; Weber, Irene T.; Mitsuya, HiroakiNot applicable
2016Development and Pharmacological Characterization of Selective Blockers of 2-Arachidonoyl Glycerol Degradation with Efficacy in Rodent Models of Multiple Sclerosis and PainBrindisi, Margherita ; Maramai, Samuele ; Gemma, Sandra ; Brogi, Simone; Grillo, Alessandro; Di Cesare Mannelli, Lorenzo; Gabellieri, Emanuele; Lamponi, Stefania ; Saponara, Simona; Gorelli, Beatrice; Tedesco, Daniele; Bonfiglio, Tommaso; Landry, Christophe; Jung, Kwang Mook; Armirotti, Andrea; Luongo, Livio; Ligresti, Alessia; Piscitelli, Fabiana; Bertucci, Carlo; Dehouck, Marie Pierre; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Maione, Sabatino; Ghelardini, Carla; Pittaluga, Anna; Piomelli, Daniele; Di Marzo, Vincenzo; Butini, Stefania Not applicable
2016Development of a practical and scalable route for the preparation of the deacetoxytubuvaline (dTuv) fragment of pretubulysin and analogsBrindisi, Margherita ; Samuele, Maramai; Alessandro, Grillo; Simone, Brogi; Butini, Stefania ; Ettore, Novellino; Campiani, Giuseppe ; Gemma, Sandra Not applicable