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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
2000Calcium ions affect the exchange network but not the structure of a small peptide (melanostatin) in solution: a 1H- and 13C-NMR studyN., D'Amelio; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2012Capreomycin - A polypeptide antitubercular antibiotic with unusual binding properties toward copper(II)Stokowa, K; Szczepanik, W; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni ; Jezowska Bojczuk, M.Not applicable
2000Chiral peptide nucleic acids having thymine and adenine in their side chain as specific ligands for Ni(II) and Cu(II)Brasun, J.; Ciapetti, P.; Kozlowski, H.; Oldziej, S.; Taddei, Maurizio ; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni ; Gaggelli, Nicola Not applicable
2015The content of selected minerals and vitamin C for potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) from the high Tiber Valley area, southeast TuscanyTamasi, Gabriella ; Cambi, Matteo; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Autino, Antonella; Cresti, Mauro; Cini, RenzoNot applicable
2001Coordination ability of the 29-amminoacid residue squash trypsine inhibitor and two of its analogues towards Cu(II) ionsMlynarz, P; Valensin, Daniela ; Kozlowski, H; KOWALIK JANKOWSKA, T; Otlewski, J; Valensin, Gianni ; Gaggelli, Nicola Not applicable
2010Coordination pattern, solution structure and DNA damage studies of the copper(II) complex with the unusual aminoglycoside antibiotic hygromycin BGaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Molteni, E; Valensin, Gianni ; Balenci, D; Wronska, M; Szczepanik, W; Nagaj, J; Skala, J; JEZOWSKA BOJCZUK, M.Not applicable
2008Effect of Cu(II) on the complex between kanamycin A and the bacterial ribosomal A site.Balenci, D; Bernardi, F; Cellai, L; D'Amelio, N; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Molteni, E; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
1998ESR and NMR investigation of Structure and Dynamics of the Cu(II) Complex of Melanostatin in DMSO SolutionBasosi, Riccardo ; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Pogni, Rebecca ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2010fac-{Ru(CO)3}2+ Selectively Targets the Histidine Residues of the β-Amyloid Peptide 1-28. Implications for New Alzheimer’s Disease Treatments Based on Ruthenium ComplexesValensin, Daniela ; Anzini, P.; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Tamasi, Gabriella ; Cini, Renzo; Gabbiani, C.; Michelucci, E.; Messori, L.; Kozlowski, H.; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2013High affinity of copper(II) towards amoxicillin, apramycin and ristomycin. Effect of these complexes on the catalytic activity of HDV ribozymeStokowa Sołtys, Kamila; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Nagaj, Justyna; Szczepanik, Wojciech; Ciesiołka, Jerzy; Wrzesiński, Jan; Górska, Agnieszka; Gaggelli, Elena ; Valensin, Gianni ; Jeżowska Bojczuk, MałgorzataNot applicable
2001A HOMODINUCLEAR Cr(V)-Cr(V) FORMS FROM THE CHROMATE GLUTATHIONE REACTION IN WATERGaggelli, Elena ; Berti, F; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Maccotta, A; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2000HOW THE A-HUDROXYMETHYLSERINE RESIDUE STABILIZES OLIGOPEPTIDE COMPLEXES WITH NICKEL(II) AND COPPER(II) IONSMlynarz, P; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Panek, J; Stasiak, M; Valensin, Gianni ; Kowalik, T; Leplawi, M; Lataika, Z; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2005Identification of copper(II) binding sites in the aminoglycosidic antibiotic Neomycin BM., Jezowska Bojczuk; W., Szczepanik; Mangani, Stefano ; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2015Impact of Cu2+ ions on the structure of colistin and cell-free system nucleic acid degradationStokowa-Soltys, K.; Kasprowicz, A.; Wrzesinski, J.; Ciesiolka, J.; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Gaggelli, Elena ; Valensin, Gianni ; Jezowska-Bojczuk, M.Not applicable
2003Inferences on the nature of a Cr(V) or Cr(IV) species formed by reduction of dichromate by a bovine liver homogenate: NMR and Mass-spectrometric studiesGaggelli, Elena ; D'Amelio, N.; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni ; Bovalini, L.; Paffetti, Alessandro ; Trabalzini, Lorenza Not applicable
2006Inhibition of rabbit brain 4-aminobutyrate transaminase by some taurine analogues: a kinetic analysis.Ricci, Lorenzo; Frosini, Maria; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni ; Machetti, F; Sgaragli, GIAN PIETRO; Valoti, MassimoNot applicable
2003Interaction of Angiotensin II with the C-terminal 300-320 fragment of the rat Angiotensin II Receptor AT1a monitored by NMR.N., D'Amelio; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Lozzi, Luisa; P., Neri; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2005Interaction of ferulic acid derivatives with human erythrocytes monitored by pulse field gradient NMR diffusion and NMR relaxation studiesAnselmi, Cecilia; Bernardi, F.; Centini, Marisanna ; Gaggelli, Elena ; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2002Metabolic pathways of carcinogenic chromiumGaggelli, Elena ; Berti, F; D'Amelio, N; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni ; Bovalini, L; Paffetti, A; Trabalzini, Lorenza Not applicable
2001Metal ion effects on cis/trans isomerization of proline residues in short chain peptides in solutionGaggelli, Elena ; N., D'Amelio; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable