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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
20204-Amino-1,2,4-triazole-3-thione-derived Schiff bases as metallo-β-lactamase inhibitorsGavara, L.; Sevaille, L.; De Luca, F.; Mercuri, P.; Bebrone, C.; Feller, G.; Legru, A.; Cerboni, G.; Tanfoni, S.; Baud, D.; Cutolo, G.; Bestgen, B.; Chelini, G.; Verdirosa, F.; Sannio, F.; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Kwapien, K.; Fischer, M.; Becker, K.; Frere, J. -M.; Mangani, Stefano ; Gresh, N.; Berthomieu, D.; Galleni, M.; Docquier, Jd; Hernandez, J. -F.Not applicable
2020ANT2681: SAR Studies Leading to the Identification of a Metallo-β-lactamase Inhibitor with Potential for Clinical Use in Combination with Meropenem for the Treatment of Infections Caused by NDM-Producing EnterobacteriaceaeDavies, D. T.; Leiris, S.; Sprynski, N.; Castandet, J.; Lozano, C.; Bousquet, J.; Zalacain, M.; Vasa, S.; Dasari, P. K.; Pattipati, R.; Vempala, N.; Gujjewar, S.; Godi, S.; Jallala, R.; Sathyap, R. R.; Darshanoju, N. A.; Ravu, V. R.; Juventhala, R. R.; Pottabathini, N.; Sharma, S.; Pothukanuri, S.; Holden, K.; Warn, P.; Marcoccia, F.; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Mangani, Stefano ; Docquier, J. D.; Lemonnier, M.; Everett, M.Not applicable
2018Atomic-Resolution Structure of a Class C β-Lactamase and Its Complex with AvibactamPozzi, Cecilia ; Di Pisa, Flavio; De Luca, Filomena; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Docquier, Jean Denis; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
2018Boric acid and acetate anion binding to subclass B3 metallo-β-lactamase BJP-1 provides clues for mechanism of action and inhibitor designDi Pisa, Flavio; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Docquier, Jean-Denis; De Luca, Filomena; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
2007Characterization of the metallocenter of rabbit skeletal muscle AMP deaminase. Evidence for a dinuclear zinc siteMangani, Stefano ; Benvenuti, Manuela ; A. J., Moir; M., Ranieri Raggi; D., Martini; A. R., Sabbatini; A., RaggiNot applicable
2003Crystal structure of AphA class B acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase from E. coliCalderone, Vito; C., Forleo; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano ; M. C., ThallerNot applicable
2010Crystal structure of the narrow-spectrum OXA-46 class D beta-lactamase: relationship between active-site lysine carbamylation and inhibition by polycarboxylatesDocquier, JEAN DENIS; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Calderone, V; Giuliani, F; Kapetis, D; DE LUCA, Filomena; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
2009Crystal structure of the OXA-48 beta-lactamase reveals mechanistic diversity among class D carbapenemases.Docquier, JEAN DENIS; Calderone, V; DE LUCA, Filomena; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Giuliani, F; Bellucci, L; Tafi, Andrea ; Nordmann, P; Botta, Maurizio ; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
2016Crystal structure of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa BEL-1 extended-spectrum β-lactamase and its complexes with moxalactam and imipenemPozzi, Cecilia ; DE LUCA, Filomena; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Poirel, Laurent; Nordmann, Patrice; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano ; Docquier, JEAN DENISNot applicable
1999Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of the hydroxyquinol 1,2-dioxygenase from Nocardioides simplex 3E: a novel dioxygenase involved in the biodegradation of polychlorinated aromatic compoundsBenvenuti, Manuela ; F., Briganti; A., Scozzafava; L., Golovleva; V. M., Travkin; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
2007Crystallization of soluble proteins in vapor diffusion for x-ray crystallographyBenvenuti, Manuela ; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
1994Derivati solfatati dell'acido ialuronico come prodotti eparino-simili: caratterizzazione chimico-fisica e biologicaBarbucci, R.; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Casolaro, Mario ; Lamponi, Stefania ; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable
2020Discovery of ANT3310, a Novel Broad-Spectrum Serine β-Lactamase Inhibitor of the Diazabicyclooctane Class, Which Strongly Potentiates Meropenem Activity against Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacterales and Acinetobacter baumanniiDavies, D. T.; Leiris, S.; Zalacain, M.; Sprynski, N.; Castandet, J.; Bousquet, J.; Lozano, C.; Llanos, A.; Alibaud, L.; Vasa, S.; Pattipati, R.; Valige, R.; Kummari, B.; Pothukanuri, S.; De Piano, C.; Morrissey, I.; Holden, K.; Warn, P.; Marcoccia, F.; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Tassone, Giusy ; Mangani, Stefano ; Docquier, J. D.; Pallin, D.; Elliot, R.; Lemonnier, M.; Everett, M.Not applicable
2020Discovery of Taniborbactam (VNRX-5133): A Broad-Spectrum Serine- And Metallo-β-lactamase Inhibitor for Carbapenem-Resistant Bacterial InfectionsLiu, B.; Trout, R. E. L.; Chu, G. -H.; Mcgarry, D.; Jackson, R. W.; Hamrick, J. C.; Daigle, D. M.; Cusick, S. M.; Pozzi, Cecilia ; De Luca, F.; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Mangani, Stefano ; Docquier, J. D.; Weiss, W. J.; Pevear, D. C.; Xerri, L.; Burns, C. J.Not applicable
2011Evolution to carbapenem -hydrolyzing activity in noncarbapenemase class D beta-lactamase OXA-10 by rational protein designDE LUCA, Filomena; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Carboni, F; Pozzi, Cecilia ; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano ; Docquier, JEAN DENISNot applicable
2003The evolutionarily conserved trimeric structure of CutA1 proteins suggests a role in signal transductionF., Arnesano; L., Banci; Benvenuti, Manuela ; I., Bertini; V., Calderone; Mangani, Stefano ; M. S., ViezzoliNot applicable
2003Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray characterization of the class B acid phosphatase (AphA) from Escherichia coliC., Forleo; Benvenuti, Manuela ; V., Calderone; S., Schippa; Docquier, JEAN DENIS; M. C., Thaller; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
2004The first structure of a bacterial class B acid phosphatase reveals further structural heterogeneity among phosphatases of the haloacid dehalogenase foldV., Calderone; C., Forleo; Benvenuti, Manuela ; M. C., Thaller; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
2010High-Resolution Crystal Structure of the Subclass B3 Metallo-beta-Lactamase BJP-1: Rational Basis for Substrate Specificity and Interaction with SulfonamidesDocquier, JEAN DENIS; Benvenuti, Manuela ; V., Calderone; M., Stoczko; N., Menciassi; Rossolini, GIAN MARIA; Mangani, Stefano Not applicable
1988Materials containing heparin complexing polymers, physicochemical characterization and compatibilityR., Barbucci; Benvenuti, Manuela ; G., Dal Maso; Magnani, Agnese ; F., TempestiNot applicable