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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
1991Adenylate cyclase in roots of Ricinus communis; stimulation by GTP and Mn2+Lusini, Paola; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Franchi, GIAN GABRIELE; Bovalini, Lucia; Martelli, PaolaNot applicable
1987Biomolecular dynamics and Electron Spin Resonance spectra of copper complexes of antitumor agents in solutionBasosi, Riccardo ; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Pogni, Rebecca ; Antholine, W. E.Not applicable
1988Contenuto proteico dei semi di Mercurialis annua L.Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Ceccuzzi, M. L.; Franchi, GIAN GABRIELE; Bovalini, Lucia; Lusini, Paola; Martelli, Paola; Ferri, SaraNot applicable
2016Cytochrome P450 and matrix metalloproteinase genetic modifiers of disease severity in Cerebral Cavernous Malformation type 1Choquet, Hélène; Trapani, Eliana; Goitre, Luca; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Akers, Amy; Fontanella, Marco; Hart, Blaine L.; Morrison, Leslie A.; Pawlikowska, Ludmila; Kim, Helen; Retta, Saverio FrancescoNot applicable
2015Defective autophagy is a key feature of cerebral cavernous malformationsMarchi, Saverio; Corricelli, Mariangela; Trapani, Eliana; Bravi, Luca; Pittaro, Alessandra; Delle Monache, Simona; Ferroni, Letizia; Patergnani, Simone; Missiroli, Sonia; Goitre, Luca; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Rimessi, Alessandro; Giorgi, Carlotta; Zavan, Barbara; Cassoni, Paola; Dejana, Elisabetta; Retta, Saverio Francesco; Pinton, PaoloNot applicable
2000Differences between predicted and observed sequences in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSantucci, Annalisa ; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Bovalini, Lucia; Ferro, ELISA MARIA PAOLA; Neri, Paolo; Martelli, PaolaNot applicable
2019Disease models in cerebral cavernous malformationsGlading, A. J.; Finetti, Federica ; Trabalzini, Lorenza Not applicable
2015Evaluation of the bioactive properties of avenanthramide analogs produced in recombinant yeast.Moglia, A; Goitre, L; Gianoglio, S; Baldini, Eva; Trapani, E; Genre, A; Scattina, A; Dondo, G; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Beekwilder, J; Retta, SfNot applicable
2008G-Protein Binding features and regulation of the RalGDS family member, RGL2.Ferro, ELISA MARIA PAOLA; D., Magrini; P., Guazzi; T. H., Fischer; S., Pistolesi; Pogni, Rebecca ; G. C., White; Trabalzini, Lorenza Not applicable
2005Helicobacter pylori immunoproteomes in case reports of rosacea and chronic urticaria.Mini, R; Figura, Natale; D'Ambrosio, C; Braconi, Daniela ; Bernardini, Giulia ; DI SIMPLICIO, F; Lenzi, C; Nuti, Ranuccio; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Martelli, P; Bovalini, Lucia; Scaloni, A; Santucci, Annalisa Not applicable
2009Humanin Structural versatility and interaction with model cerebral cortex membranesPistolesi, S; Rossini, L; Ferro, ELISA MARIA PAOLA; Basosi, Riccardo ; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Pogni, Rebecca Not applicable
1996Identification of a novel RalGDS-related protein as a candidate effector for Ras and Rap1Peterson, S. N.; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Brtva, T. R.; Fischer, T. H.; Altschuler, D. L.; Martelli, Paola; Lapetina, E. G.; Der, C. J.; White, G. C.Not applicable
2012Identification of the Kelch family protein Nd1-L as a novel molecular interactor of KRIT1.Guazzi, P; Goitre, L; Ferro, ELISA MARIA PAOLA; Cutano, V; Martino, C; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Retta, SfNot applicable
2010Immunolocalization of humanin in human sperm and testis.Moretti, Elena; V., Giannerini; L., Rossini; M., Matsuoka; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Collodel, GiuliaNot applicable
2004In vivo C-13-NMR and modelling study of metabolic yield response to ethanol stress in a wild-type strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMartini, Silvia; Ricci, Maso; Bonechi, Claudia ; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Santucci, Annalisa ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2004Inactivation of Helicobacter pylori cagA gene affects motilityFigura, Natale; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Mini, R.; Bernardini, Giulia ; Scaloni, A.; Talamo, F; Lusini, Paola; Ferro, ELISA MARIA PAOLA; Martelli, P.; Santucci, Annalisa Not applicable
2005Increased phospholipase activity in Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from patients with gastric carcinomaLusini, Paola; Figura, Natale; M., Valassina; Roviello, Franco; C., Vindigni; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Nuti, Ranuccio; C., Lenzi; C., Gonnelli; M., Nardi; P., Martelli; Santucci, Annalisa Not applicable
2003Inferences on the nature of a Cr(V) or Cr(IV) species formed by reduction of dichromate by a bovine liver homogenate: NMR and Mass-spectrometric studiesGaggelli, Elena ; D'Amelio, N.; Gaggelli, Nicola ; Valensin, Gianni ; Bovalini, L.; Paffetti, Alessandro ; Trabalzini, Lorenza Not applicable
2004Inhibition effects of ethanol on the kinetics of glucose metabolism by S. cerevisiae: NMR and modelling studyRicci, M; Martini, S; Bonechi, Claudia ; Santucci, Annalisa ; Trabalzini, Lorenza ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
2004Innovative tools for scientific and technological education in Italian secondary schools.Santucci, Annalisa ; Mini, R.; Ferro, ELISA MARIA PAOLA; Martelli, Paola; Trabalzini, Lorenza Not applicable