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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
1986Acid-base and metal ion complex formation properties of polymers containing amino-acids residuesBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; NoCentini, Marisanna ; Corezzi, S.; Ferruti, P.; Barone, V.Not applicable
1993Amido-thioether polymers containing pendant carboxylato groups: thermodynamics of protonation and copper(II) complex formation in dilute aqueous solutionCasolaro, Mario ; Ranucci, E.; Bignotti, F.; Ferruti, P.Not applicable
2000Amphoteric linear poly(amido-amine)s as endosomolytic polymers: correlation between physico-chemical and biological propertiesFerruti, P.; Manzoni, S.; Richardson, S.; Duncan, R.; Pattrick, N.; Mendichi, R.; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1997Amphoteric poly(amido-amine) polymers containing the N,N'-ethylenediaminediacetic acid moiety: stability of copper(II) and calcium(II) chelatesCasolaro, Mario ; Bignotti, F.; Ferruti, P.Not applicable
2018Antibacterial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles Embedded on Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels Based on α-Amino Acid ResiduesCasolaro, Mario ; Casolaro, Ilaria; Akimoto, Jun; Ueda, Motoki; Ueki, Masashi; Ito, YoshihiroNot applicable
1982Applied MacroInorganics II. Protonation and heavy metal ions complex-formation behavior of three crosslinked resins of poly(amido-amine) structure.P., Ferruti; C., Riolo; T., Soldi; M., Pesavento; R., Barbucci; M., Beni; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
2012Biohydrogels with magnetic nanoparticles as crosslinker: Characteristics and potential use for controlled antitumor drug-deliveryBarbucci, R.; Giani, G.; Fedi, S.; Bottari, S.; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
1992Characterization of biomaterial surfaces: ATR/FT-IR and potentiometric/calorimetric analysisBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable
2009Cisplatin/Hydrogel Complex in Cancer TherapyCasolaro, Mario ; Cini, Renzo; DEL BELLO, Barbara; M., Ferrali; Maellaro, EmiliaNot applicable
2015Controlled Release of Antidepressant Drugs by Multiple Stimuli-Sensitive Hydrogels Based on α-Aminoacid ResiduesCasolaro, Mario ; CASOLARO, ILARIANot applicable
2007Copolymers including L-histidine and hydrophobic moiety for preparation of nonbiofouling surface.Wada, A; Ishii, T; Casolaro, Mario ; Tsuzuki, S; Ito, Y.Not applicable
1986Copper(II) complex formation properties of a basic polymer containing SO2 groups in the main chainBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; Corezzi, S.; Reginato, G.Not applicable
1989Copper(II) complex formation with a poly(amido) polymer containing optically active a-alanine residuesBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable
2007Cyclodextrins as cosmetic delivery systems.Centini, Marisanna ; Maggiore, M; Casolaro, Mario ; Andreassi, Marco ; MAFFEI FACINO, R; Anselmi, CeciliaNot applicable
1994Derivati solfatati dell'acido ialuronico come prodotti eparino-simili: caratterizzazione chimico-fisica e biologicaBarbucci, R.; Benvenuti, Manuela ; Casolaro, Mario ; Lamponi, Stefania ; Magnani, Agnese Not applicable
2002Design, synthesis, and physicochemical and biological characterization of a new iron chelator of the family of hydroxychromenesFerrali, M.; Bambagioni, S.; Ceccanti, A.; Donati, D.; Giorgi, Gianluca ; Fontani, M.; Laschi, Franco ; Zanello, P.; Casolaro, Mario ; Pietrangelo, A.Not applicable
1991Different protonation behaviour of two poly(methacrylic acid) derivatives containing N-acyl-glycine and N-acyl-b-alanine residues: thermodynamic and FT-IR studiesBarbucci, R.; Casolaro, Mario ; Magnani, Agnese ; Roncolini, C.Not applicable
1996Different sulphation degree and biological performance of hyaluronic acid as heparin-like moleculeBarbucci, R.; Magnani, Agnese ; Lamponi, Stefania ; Casolaro, Mario Not applicable
2006Drug-protein recognition processes investigated by NMR relaxation data. A study on corticosteroid-albumin interactionsMartini, S; Bonechi, Claudia ; Casolaro, Mario ; Corbini, Gianfranco ; Rossi, Claudio Not applicable
1983Effect of different shielding groups on the polyelectrolyte behaviour of poly (amines)R., Barbucci; Casolaro, Mario ; N., Danzo; V., Barone; P., Ferruti; A., AngeloniNot applicable