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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Third Mission
20061H and 13C-NMR and molecular dynamics studies of cyclosporin a interacting with magnesium(II) or cerium(III) in acetonitrile. Conformational changes and cis-trans conversion of peptide bonds.Bernardi, F; Gaggelli, Elena ; Molteni, E; Porciatti, E; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
20071H- and 13C-NMR study of the complex formed by Copper (II) with the Nucleoside Antibiotic SinefunginCappannelli, M; Gaggelli, Elena ; JEZOWSKA BOJCZUK, M; Molteni, E; Mucha, A; Porciatti, E; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
20031H-NMR Studies of Copper Binding by Histidine Containing PeptidesGaggelli, Elena ; N., D'Amelio; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2020Binding and reactivity of copper to R1 and R3 fragments of tau proteinBacchella, Chiara; Piergentili, Silvia; Bellotti, Denise; Quartieri, Eleonora; Draghi, Sara ; Baratto, Maria Camilla ; Remelli, Maurizio; Valensin, Daniela ; Monzani, Enrico; Nicolis, Stefania; Casella, Luigi; Tegoni, Matteo; Dell’Acqua, SimoneNot applicable
2008Binding of Ni2+ and Cu2+ ions to peptides with a Cys-His motifK., Kulon; Valensin, Daniela ; W., Kamysz; R., Nadolny; Gaggelli, Elena ; Valensin, Gianni ; H., KozlowskiNot applicable
2010Bioinorganic Chemistry of Parkinson's Disease: Structural Determinants for the Copper-Mediated Amyloid Formation of Alpha-SynucleinBinolfi, A; RODRIGUEZ E., E; Valensin, Daniela ; D'Amelio, N; Ippoliti, E; Obal, G; Duran, R; Magistrato, A; Pritsch, O; Zweckstetter, M; Valensin, Gianni ; Carloni, P; Quintanar, L; Griesinger, C; Fernandez, C. O.Not applicable
2010The C terminus of HspA - A potential target for native Ni(II) and Bi(III) anti-ulcer drugsROWINSKA ZYREK, M; Witkowska, D; Valensin, Daniela ; Kamysz, W; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2019Chemically stable inhibitors of 14-3-3 protein–protein interactions derived from BV02Iralde-Lorente, Leire; Cau, Ylenia; Clementi, Letizia; Franci, Lorenzo; Tassone, Giusy ; Valensin, Daniela ; Mori, Mattia ; Angelucci, Adriano; Chiariello, Mario; Botta, Maurizio Not applicable
2000Chiral peptide nucleic acids having thymine and adenine in their side chain as specific ligands for Ni(II) and Cu(II)Brasun, J.; Ciapetti, P.; Kozlowski, H.; Oldziej, S.; Taddei, Maurizio ; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni ; Gaggelli, Nicola Not applicable
2020A community-built calibration system: The case study of quantification of metabolites in grape juice by qNMR spectroscopyMusio, B.; Ragone, R.; Todisco, S.; Rizzuti, A.; Latronico, M.; Mastrorilli, P.; Pontrelli, S.; Intini, N.; Scapicchio, P.; Triggiani, M.; Di Noia, T.; Acquotti, D.; Airoldi, C.; Assfalg, M.; Barge, A.; Bateman, L.; Benevelli, F.; Bertelli, D.; Bertocchi, F.; Bieliauskas, A.; Borioni, A.; Caligiani, A.; Callone, E.; Camra, A.; Cesare Marincola, F.; Chalasani, D.; Consonni, R.; Dambruoso, P.; Davalli, S.; David, T.; Diehl, B.; Donarski, J.; Gil, A. M.; Gobetto, R.; Goldoni, L.; Hamon, E.; Harwood, J. S.; Kobrlova, A.; Longobardi, F.; Luisi, R.; Mallamace, D.; Mammi, S.; Martin-Biran, M.; Mazzei, P.; Mele, A.; Milone, S.; Molero Vilchez, D.; Mulder, R. J.; Napoli, C.; Ragno, D.; Randazzo, A.; Rossi, M. C.; Rotondo, A.; Sackus, A.; Saez Barajas, E.; Schievano, E.; Sitaram, B.; Stevanato, L.; Takis, P. G.; Teipel, J.; Thomas, F.; Torregiani, E.; Valensin, Daniela ; Veronesi, M.; Warren, J.; Wist, J.; Zailer-Hafer, E.; Zuccaccia, C.; Gallo, V.Not applicable
2010Competition between histamine-like and poly-imidazole coordination sites for Cu2+ and Zn2+ ions in zebra-fish peptide of prion-like proteinMigliorini, Caterina; Witkowska, D; Valensin, Daniela ; Kamysz, W; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2009The complex-formation behaviour of His residues in the fifth Cu2+ binding site of human Prion protein: a close lookM., Remelli; Valensin, Daniela ; D., Bacco; E., Gralka; R., Guerrini; Migliorini, Caterina; H., KozlowskiNot applicable
2013Conformation propensities of des-acyl-ghrelin as probed by CD and NMRDE RICCO, Riccardo; Valensin, Daniela ; Gaggelli, Elena ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2001Coordination ability of the 29-amminoacid residue squash trypsine inhibitor and two of its analogues towards Cu(II) ionsMlynarz, P; Valensin, Daniela ; Kozlowski, H; KOWALIK JANKOWSKA, T; Otlewski, J; Valensin, Gianni ; Gaggelli, Nicola Not applicable
2016Coordination and redox properties of copper interaction with α-synucleinValensin, Daniela ; Dell'Acqua, Simone; Kozlowski, Henryk; Casella, LuigiNot applicable
2012Coordination of Ni2+ and Cu2+ to metal ion binding domains of E. coli SlyD proteinDanuta, Witkowska; Valensin, Daniela ; Magdalena Rowinska, Zyrek; Anna, Karafova; Wojciech, Kamysz; Henryk, KozlowskiNot applicable
2010Copper binding to chicken and human prion protein amylodogenic regions: differences and similarities revealed by Ni2+ as a diamagnetic probeValensin, Daniela ; Gajda, K; Gralka, E; Valensin, Gianni ; Kamysz, W; Kozlowski, H.Not applicable
2004Copper Binding to the Neurotoxic Peptide PrP106-126. Thermodynamic and structural studiesB., Belosi; Gaggelli, Elena ; R., Guerrini; H., Kozlowski; M., Luczkowski; F. M., Mancini; M., Remelli; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable
2014Copper chelators: chemical properties and bio-medical applicationsTegoni, M; Valensin, Daniela ; Toso, L; Remelli, M.Not applicable
2006Copper Homeostasis and Neurodegenerative Disorders (Alzheimer, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Prion, Parkinson)Gaggelli, Elena ; H., Kozlowski; Valensin, Daniela ; Valensin, Gianni Not applicable